Random Acts of Kindness Calendar

Random acts of kindness calendar 2017

Being kind is high up on my list of priorities, both for myself and to instil in my children as they navigate their way through this sometimes tricky world. It is a joy to see them unconsciously show their kindness its true, but occasionally it is fun to bring the conscious and unconscious worlds together and show them just how often and in how many different ways we can be kind.

So together we have shared with you a whole Advent of kindness ideas. It is completely free, simply download and get busy being the kind humans you are.

For those of you who have ideas already in mind we have included a blank calendar for you to fill in with your own ideas. For those who are already running at full capacity and want to share in our kindness we have completed one with random acts for you to enjoy everyday this week.

Follow us on our social media channels as we share how we completed each day  of kindness.

With love from us to you

The Hopleys


Random acts of kindness calendar 2017 (blank)

Random acts of kindness calendar 2017 (filled)