Pouring from a full cup

Parenting three children with two almost full time working parents, home educating, occasionally dipping in to world schooling, living each day in a tourist fuelled county as if we were on holiday here ourselves, blogging, photographing and documenting everything! How on earth do we keep up the energy to do it all? As I lay […]

Autumn Traditions

the Schoolhouse children and their cousins enjoy the autumn weather in the south west

Autumn. Someone just this week told me it was their favourite colour. Isn’t that just the most glorious of thoughts. Such an easy thought, Autumn as a colour. Reds, yellows, amber, oranges, browns. None of these  colours are actually my colours but yet I love them so deeply because, well, Autumn. It wasn’t until I […]

How we read

The resources the Schoolhouse family you as they learn to read

Last week on our Instagram stories I shared some of the children’s morning reading time and I had so many DM’s that I thought I would share some answers to your questions here. I have made it no secret that reading hasn’t come easily here. And we certainly don’t have competent little readers here yet, but! […]